Anfoss:       5kg–6kg–8Kg–10kg–11kg–12kg.
Danfoss:    LIMOUSIN 1/3
Danfoss:    SC 1.5A-7.5A -SC 10A 4-5-6-8-10-12-15 KGS
Aspeza:        1116–1118—6KG 8KG 10KG 11KG 12KG
Giobo:          190W–6KG 8KG 10KG 11KG 12KG
Tecumseh: 150 W–152-6KG 8KG 10KG 11KG 12KG
Irelend:     6KG 8KG 10KG 11KG 12KG
Deno:            Freezers Compressors



Drained Copper Compressor – Fridges/AC (RAINS per ISRI Specifications).
Our copper content on 99.97 %
Monthly Supply Capacity: 500 – 1500 metric tons,
Type: Fridges, AC.
Packaging Detail:  Wood Pallets, 20(40) FCL/ According to ISRI Specification in Containers
Quantity: Between 200~500MT per month
Minimum Order acceptable 1x20FCL (25MT or 26MT/20FCL, 3000 or 3450 Pieces/20FCL

Compressor Scrap offered by us has good recycle value and are widely in demand. We are offering Compressor Scrap at very reasonable price for the convenience of the customers.