Fish Meal

Protein:65% min
Moisture : 10 % max
Fat : 10% max
Salt : 3 % max
Sand : 3 % max
Ash : 17% max
Antioxidant : 150 ppm min at the time of loading
Free from salmonella, melamine, ecoli

1.High Protein
2.Quickly prmote heathy and Growth
3.Enhance Nutrition of poultry
4.Soft Powder and good texture
5.Free from any Rot odour



50%~60% Fish Meal

Fish Meal is a source with rich protein. It is wildly used in the aquaculture, livestock and poultry industries as an ingredient in feed stuffes. Fish Meal is also a valuable source of minerals for Ca, P, Mg, K ect.

Type Crude Protein Pepsin


Ash  Moisture  Freshness   Fat  Salinity Sand
Catfish, sea fish meal 60% min >93.9% 18%-20% <10% 350+  <10% <8% 6% max