Chili Pepper

1. Size: 20-70 mesh
2. Hot Degree: 500-50000 SHU
3. Moisture: 10% max
4. Foreign Material: Neg
5. Total Ash: 8% max
6. A.I.A: 1.5% max
7. E.Coli: Neg
8. Salmonella: Neg./375g
9. Aflatoxin B1: 5 ppb max
10.Aflatoxin Total: 10 ppb max
11.No speckle, no mold, no afflatoxin, no salmonella,no Sudan



Product Name: Chili Pepper
Length: 3-5cm,5-7cm, 7-10cm and up
Moisture: 16% max
Crushed: 4% max
Admixture: 1% max
Hot unit: 10000-35000SHU
Size: 5-8mesh
Packing: 20KG/Carton or According to buyers requirement
Packing for our red hot chili peppers :
Bulk in carton 25kg/woven bag, 40’Fcl:25MT